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Michael Fabiano, Football

Tom Verducci, Baseball

An award-winning fantasy football analyst and member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Hall of Fame, Michael has over 20 years in the fantasy sports industry.

Tom is SI's senior baseball writer and a three-time national sportswriter of the year. He is also a game and studio analyst for FOX Sports and MLB Network.

Stephanie Apstein, Baseball

Chris Herring, Basketball

Pat Forde, Multiple Sports

Stephanie is a senior writer covering MLB. She started at SI in 2011. From Newton, Mass., Stephanie is a graduate of Trinity College and received her Masters degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Chris is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Prior to joining SI, he spent five years covering the NBA for ESPN and FiveThirtyEight. He began his career at The Wall Street Journal, where he covered the New York Knicks.

Pat has covered college sports, the Olympics and horse racing throughout his career. He has contributed at Yahoo, ESPN and The Louisville Courier-Journal.


What is Sports Illustrated?

Sports Illustrated gives you trusted, authentic, independent reporting with the highest-level photography. Its journalism goes deeper than the scores, moderating the national sports conversation with journalistic integrity for more than 60 years. SI informs, engages, surprises and entertains, telling the essential stories that resonate on all platforms.

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Sports Illustrated is published 12 times a year. Frequency subject to change without notice. First issue mails in 4-8 weeks. Rates outside U.S. available on request.

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